Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days Left!

So, 12 days left to Shop, Wrap & Bake......Are you ready? As I sit here and sip my coffee and think of a game plan for today, I am just so thankful that we all agreed to scale down Christmas this year in the gift giving department. I think kids become over whelmed with all of the gifts they are given to open. I remember last year when we were opening gifts, I heard one of the kids say "Do I have to open another gift"? They want to play with what they open first before they open all of them. So, I hope the next 12 days are stress free for you and you are able to get thru your list of To Do's and So What if you can't get to all of them. Don't be hard on yourself. Try to watch the old Christmas Classics on t.v. and sip hot chocolate, put your feet up and take deep breaths....oh, and don't forget to laugh!


JackeeG4glamorous said...

I love that Christmas scene!
I'm pooping out on all the preparations for this Christmas.
Tree is now up, didn't put up my villiage, but displayed my santas' and haven't even started wrapping the mountains of gifts yet. My fault, those gifts. I can't seem to scale down. I try. Doesn't happen yet. I'm making some strides.

yusufyusuf said...
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Lisa said...

Oh, I will Mimi! Thanks for sending those pics through Steph. I thought I had sent you my email. Guess not. Sorry. Here it is for future reference:

Anonymous said...

That's right Sis . . . stress free Christmas this year . . . I'm planning to have one too!


Jen @ One Moms World said...

Yes, that is what the holidays are about... spend fun times with the family... just relax and be stress free. Enjoy the kids eyes as well :)