Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday Baking Frenzy

I have a broken oven. Smoke billows out of it when I turn it on, so I hauled all my baking supplies to my parents house this morning, 1 mile away, to use their oven to start my marathon of baking pumpkin & banana nut breads. You see, I spoiled my husband by baking many loaves of pumpkin bread before Thanksgiving and freezing it, so when he got done with one loaf, there would be another one to set out to thaw. He loves to slice off a big piece to take to work every morning. I love to bake when I am in the mood and it's a very good de-stresser for me. I ended up making 12 loaves, plus 2 round tube pans. My dad loves the banana nut bread so he gets to keep all of that at his house. My husband hates bananas. Since it was a very snowy cold day, I also made a big pot of chili with corn muffins. When I cook in my folks kitchen it brings back memories of when I was growing up. I love how their kitchen is set up with a large opening that you can look into the living room. My folks sat on the couch watching me bake and we visited and it was really a great day. We had the curtains pulled open and watched the snow falling. So, having a broken oven is not all that bad.
This is my little snowbaby tree that I just adore. It has 300 lights on it. We didn't want to put up our big tree this year, so we were just as happy with this little one.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

It gets harder and harder each year to put up all the decorations and collections we have! I decided not to put up my Christmas village (my daughter cried OUT) but rather my Santa collection. We'll have a tree, but I'm holding off for the last minute.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

We've been eating the pumpkin bread all morning. It's so good. And I hope you can get a new stove!