Saturday, September 6, 2008

Popcorn Parade

Today was the Popcorn Festival, which started off with a Parade. My son-in-law, Jeff organized his work entry and we all walked. Steph & Ivy, Carter, Gray & Noah before the parade waiting patiently for our turn to move on.
Jeff & Steph....the loving couple....Baby Ivy is really poking out there! She's making her entrance very soon......Steph walked the whole parade route and could have ridden in a fancy new car. We saw lots of friends along the parade route. One of them was Beth from Folding Laundry.
We all passed out tons of candy and were exhausted at the end. It was a fun time. Jeff's parents were also with us in the parade. Jeff's dad rode his scooter.

Mimi & Grandma.....say, it was a fun parade........Naptime, here we come!


Lisa said...

That is too fun! I had no idea Roger had a scooter. We've only ever been to the Popcorn Festival once. I always seem to miss it. I was recouperating this weekend anyway. I'm glad you all had fun, and such a beautiful day for it too!

Erin said...

Very cute! Yeah, Ivy better come doesn't look like she will have much more room to grow in!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

These are great photos! I had a great time.


Erin said...

Great pictures!! We were there, but I didn't see you guys (and I'm sure I wouldn't have missed that gorgeous belly!). I'm guessing you came by us in the window where I had to escape to change a very angry diaper.;) What a beautiful day for a parade, though.

Ann(ie) said...

You have the sweetest family!

casual friday everyday said...

awwww, Stephs baby belly. I love seeing all the baby Ivy pictures but kinda miss those belly pic's too. hee