Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weigh in # 4

I have had a rough month of fighting bronchitis and as soon as I got over that, I caught a viral infection. I am now at the tail end of the remains of the dreaded cough, but I feel Alive again. I am tired of spending my weekends in bed, resting, so I could work during the week. I am vowing to take my vitamins and getting my rest and trying to avoid virus's.
So, I was only able to go work out at Curves 1 time last week. I did however stick to somewhat of a normal diet, if you call living on soup normal. My doctor was very pleased at my weight loss from 3 weeks ago when I went in for the 2nd viral infection. So, my weigh in Today results are.....down another 1 lb. total 7 lbs. lost. I am very pleased with my progress. I hope to at least maintain over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I am making better food choices and how I prepare my food is very important as well. I was at Curves this morning at 6:00am. and feel so energized. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, I decided I will go workout instead, since I am off work and will make that day all about ME. I hope everyone else had a good week. Let's eat turkey!

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Bacardi Mama said...

You are kickin butt girlfriend! Glad you are feeling better. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving with your family!!