Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday with Abby & Jack

Saturday was a full day with Abby & Jack. Their mommy & daddy went to a Symphony in Chicago and was gone the whole day.
This is the gingerbread house that Abby and I made a few weeks ago. It has been sitting in the middle of the dining room table. Grampa decided to put the train together, which was a lot of fun for Jack & Abby to watch. By the end of the day, coconut (snow) was everywhere. But almost anything goes at Mimi's house.
Abby, so proud of her gingerbread house.
Jack is so jolly and just a joy to have around. I can't believe he is already 7 1/2 months old.
Abby loves to put on her Cinderella dress (Steph's flowergirl dress from 30 years ago) and wear some of my jewelry. She is such a girly girl.
Jack adores his sister. He laughs and lights up when she walks in a room. I am so thankful for my new camera so I can start sharing my wonderful grand kids again. It was a great Saturday!


Bacardi Mama said...

It sounds like the perfect mimi day! Glad you had fun.

Erin said...

They are beyond precious! Jack is adorable, and I, too, cannot believe he is already 7 1/2 months old!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Jack is such a mini Nate!!!!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

It certainly was the most perfect day! And your new camera captured all the colors and all the emotions swirling around you... just beautiful children and beautiful memories all because of Mimi!! I, too, cannot believe that Jack is 7.5 months already!! Time has a way of marching on, doesn't it!!??